Rocky Mountain Assn of Student Financial Aid Administrators

The RMASFAA 2020 Conference Program Committee welcomes your program proposals for this year’s conference in Omaha, Nebraska! Proposals are now being accepted on a rolling basis through July 3, 2020 [due to COVID-19]. This year's conference meeting dates are October 18-21, 2020 and the conference will be held at the Embassy Suites in Downtown Omaha.

2020 is an election year and we anticipate the continued public emphasis on the value of higher education to individuals and society. Much of that debate involves financing higher education and the administration of federal, state, and institutional financial aid programs. RMASFAA members are among the top voices in the industry on best practices, training, and professionalism in financial aid. We want to fully engage all members at this conference and ask you to submit a proposal, reach across your network and collaborate with a colleague, and explore the ways you can share your expertise. Each member in RMASFAA has something to gain from and offer to our community in our pursuit of excellence. The RMASFAA 2020 Conference Program Committee strives to provide you with a breadth and depth of learning and networking in financial aid and we know we can deliver with your help!

We welcome you to our new online proposal submission page and anticipate a competitive review of excellent proposals! Continue to submit your proposals through June 5th! [extended due to COVID-19].

You have the option submit a new RMASFAA 2020 program proposal or access an existing proposal you already submitted. If you have technical questions about the submission process, please contact Karrie Huber or Jordan Eisenmenger.  

Your 2020 Conference Program Committee eagerly awaits your thoughtful and engaging submissions!
Justin Chase Brown, Program Chair